Data Centers

Industry-leading data centre power quality solutions from Eaton.

A single source for all data centre energy requirements.

Delivering the highest energy efficiency, lowest total cost of ownership and increased sustainability.

From pre-packaged, easy-to-deploy solutions to the most complex installations.

Construction projects managed from start to finish, reconditioning or upgrading equipment or modernising a power system.

Support services helping to make the most of existing electrical equipment by optimising performance and longevity.


Data centre challenges and Eaton's solutions:

Energy efficiency – products that are up to 99% efficientHeat management –  infrastructure improvements to increase efficiency and reliability
Uptime – provide reliability by keeping incoming energy safe, clean, available and monitoredMinimising capital expenditure –  modular architecture means low initial costs
Optimising space – reliable power distribution and space-saving UPS technologyImproved metrics – measuring and monitoring products and services for better management
Scaleability – modular unified architecture and flexible UPS solutionsEnvironmental– a commitment to environmentally-aware products and practices
Speed to installation – products designed for ease on installation, modular architecture can be added to as needs change


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Eaton is a single-source solutions provider offering power distribution, power quality, heat management and monitoring products and solutions as well as project management services for large and small data centres.