Green Building Solutions

The construction industry is the single largest energy consumer in the EU, producing a significant 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. As such, it carries enormous potential for climate protection.

Just as importantly, with energy costs rising exponentially, the industry can take advantage of the huge costs savings available through achieving energy efficiencies.

As a leading power management company with sustainable values at its core, Eaton is ideally placed to help organisations reduce both costs and ecological impact.

Building efficiency

Rising energy usage and costs, along with the requirement for legislative compliance and the need to manage the carbon footprint are changing the way construction companies approach business. Eaton is committed to providing solutions which make a building’s electrical system more reliable, safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Meeting climate protection targets
More sustainable buildings will help to meet EU 20-20-20 goals for climate protection. To address the goal of achieving 20% energy efficiency the Energy Performance of Building Directive has been put in place by the EU, with continuously increasing performance requirements on new construction as well as the existing building stock. In supporting the development of more sustainable buildings, Eaton helps architects, consultants, system integrators and installers meet these targets.

The electrical infrastructure fundamentally affects the value of a building and ultimately the return of investment. A Green Building strategy can according to European Research Aera/EeB studies:

  • reduce total building operating costs by nearly 10%
  • increase the value of a property by 7%
  • increase additional costs at a relatively low level of 5%

Eaton can design and manage the electrical infrastructure for commercial and industrial buildings across vertical segments, new construction and refurbishments. In power distribution, power management and power quality, Green Building Solutions from Eaton make a significant contribution to minimising critical cost factors in the planning, construction and use of a building. Operating costs go down and value goes up for faster return of investment.

More and more Eaton products carry the Green Leaf symbol for excellent environmental compatibility, as they meet the highest demands for sustainability and efficiency. Our Green Building Solutions meet these demands.