Eaton: Safety Management

Safety Management

Eaton always puts safety first! While it seems that many people just pay lip service to this issue, Eaton views it as one of our prime directives. Our company and its workers are dedicated to the health and safety of all people and the environment.

But what exactly is 'safety'?

The world of norms and standards defines safety as "freedom from unacceptable risk," meaning on the one hand safeguards against physical harm (protection of an object against its environment) and on the other hand operational safety, meaning the protection of the environment against potential threats as well.

When an organization pays equal heed to all aspects of safety and pursues the issue through a targeted program of activities, this is referred to as Safety Management.

Targeted improvement of safety performance is of growing importance for companies. One driving force behind this was the decision to anchor safety management into quality standards like EN ISO 9000.

Eaton supports you in all aspects of Safety Management and delivers a variety of solutions to improve safety – within your company and for your customers – for manufacturers, operators and users alike.