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Eaton is a single-source solutions provider offering power distribution, power quality, heat management and monitoring products and solutions as well as project management services for large and small data centres. Eaton builds highly reliable, energy-efficient and environmental-friendly products and scalable solutions for any types of data centres. We are a global, trusted power management partner, supporting your data centre project from conception to completion with life-time services. Read more...


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Managing Blade Power and Heat
High density blade equipment has higher power
requirements, meaning more heat to dissipate in less space.
Power Monitoring and Management
When power quality and heat are unmonitored, they are unmanageable.
Managing power and better business continuity for cloud and virtualised IT
Powering physical IT with more numerous virtual services running on them makes clean and reliable power even more essential. The elastic and self service nature of demand for Cloud IT services poses more demanding power, heat management and availability challenges, requiring businesses to rapidly manage the scalability of their electrical infrastructures.



Your electrical needs, our solutions
Multiple critical business services running within a data centre are vulnerable to power problems, both in terms of power availability and quality.
Minimising capital expenditure
Changing capacity needs, financial pressures, obsolescence and new solutions all make prudent expenditure a challenge.
Optimising space
How do you find the balance between available space, power, heat management and productivity when new server and virtualisation technology further complicate requirements?
Improved metrics
As energy costs continue to rise, there is ever greater pressure to reduce power usage and improve overall operating efficiency.
Where infrastructure growth can be unpredictable,
building in contingency for system redundancy or additional capacity can be difficult to judge and expensive.
Speed to installation
Solutions need to be identified and implemented fast. Inefficient usage of resources costs money, and technology can soon become outdated.
Legislative requirements, emissions, CSR and financial considerations are four areas relevant to the environment.
Disparate systems from multiple vendors add complexity to a variety of common power-related challenges.
Airflow management
High-density equipment is generating more heat in less space than ever before, threatening the life of business-critical IT systems.
Energy efficiency
Up to a quarter of the cost of running a data centre can be energy. Maximising energy efficiencies across the data centre is fundamental to managing this cost and reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint.